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A Toast to Alison! Our A.M. + Creative Ad, Content and Blog Writer

by Simone Haider on Sat, Apr 04, 2015

Alison Schroeder was the tribe member we didn't know we were missing. She came barreling into our lives, full of piss, vinegar and sass. And it was just what the doctor ordered.

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Dear Kayla, We Hate Your Stinkin' Guts [aka HAPPY BIRTHDAY!]

by Simone Haider on Sun, Mar 29, 2015

Our Profession of Love to You

Dear Kayla,

We hate your stinkin guts.
You make us vomit.
You’re scuuum between our toes.


And by that we mean…

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Inbound Marketing Agency Book Club | Book 2: Made to Stick

by Shelbi Kribell on Thu, Mar 12, 2015

Find out why we started a book club, and why we think these book reviews should live on our website: “An Inbound Marketing Agency Team + Book Club = Awesomesauce"

Made To Stick is a book about how to create ideas that have lasting impressions (aka ideas that are "sticky").

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Dan Soldner - Not Your Typical Inbound Marketing Agency Director

by Simone Haider on Wed, Mar 04, 2015

Dan Soldner is not your typical agency director. I’m not going to tell you why by comparing him to other agency directors because, “The greatest leaders don't care what the competition thinks," Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last says. "They wake up with an obsession to make their own companies better than before."

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Happy Birthday Scott, Our Favorite Custom Web Development Geek

by Simone Haider on Fri, Feb 27, 2015

Today we celebrate Great Scott – the best custom web development geek Leighton Interactive has ever known – turning a ripe old age of 21 (right Scott!?).

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Meet the Transparent Tribe

by Brandon Philbrick on Mon, Feb 02, 2015

At Leighton Interactive, we believe that great brands are about great people. Our brand is no different; our brand is our people. It’s where we get our soul, personality, and behaviors from. Each individual with their own set of unique talents and traits, yet each with a common bond, a thread that unites us as a tribe of believers. The most common thread being transparency.

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Leighton's Methodology - aka How I Left My Decade+ Career in Cinema Advertising to Join the #TransparentTribe

by Alison Schroeder on Thu, Jan 29, 2015


As the PR & Social Media Chair for AAFCM- American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota, it’s my job to know. To just KNOW. Find, Friend, Follow, Connect with the agencies, companies, freelancers, students, schools, promoters of our club and its components. I was urged to join this club, which is 100% straight pro-bono, BTW, when my company’s corporate health started to show signs of decay over three years ago. There were changes then in 2011 that had me thinking, ‘yeah, I should make some new friends with all those People & Places Downtown,’ not knowing what those changes would entail, or even if they would affect me. In that vein, I Found, Friended, Followed, & Connected with Leighton Interactive. Through my affiliation with AAFCM, I was attracted to them instantly. Their Facebook page- the crazy antics, hijinks, debauchery, and genuine awesomeness. Their office space- exposed brick, windows overlooking St. Germain, the legitimate beer fridge in their conference room. Their employees- bright, bubbly, exuberant shiny happy faces and the level of talent they possessed. The entire … everything … about them was attractive. From AAFCM’s point of view, the Leighton Interactive employees on our board were so supported and encouraged to participate at 100% by Leighton Interactive, just as our club’s bylaws require, or at least encourage. We could always count on Leighton Interactive to host our meetings, pay our fees, be our sponsor, attend our events, and support our mission. They are, actually, the agency that proves their work works.

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The 5 Types of Block-Worthy Facebook Friends

by Travis McGinnis on Mon, Jan 19, 2015

There are some people on Facebook who don’t get how it works. We all know them. Hell, we might be one of them ourselves! Facebook is all about being social, but some people just don’t get that.

These 5 Types of Facebook friends are missing the point of social media.

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15 Poor Work Habits to Break in 2015

by Nikki Saar on Fri, Jan 09, 2015

New year, new you, right?

January is the month that many people decide to set goals to better themselves for the next 365 days. Whether it’s going to the gym more, eating healthier, spending less time staring at the computer screen, or spending less money, many people have some sort of personal improvement goals they would like to achieve.

When setting New Year’s resolutions, many times people look at their personal lives. The question I ask you is if you ever set resolutions for your work life? Do you want to spend more time getting to know your coworkers, earn a raise, or be more productive? We spend more time at our jobs than anywhere else in our lives, so it only makes sense to set goals around this aspect of our lives too. How do we go about this? Breaking bad habits is a place to start.

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New Year, New You: Business Card Giveaway

by Bridget Deutz on Mon, Jan 05, 2015

Whoever said “looks don’t matter” probably lived in a cave and gets their mail by carrier pigeon. Ok, ok – that might sound a little dramatic. But seriously – in the online and fast-paced world we live in today, image totally matters; in fact, it’s everything. When there are countless options for every industry, you have to make sure your business and its brand stands out amongst the competition. And we’re here to help you do just that. How? A business card giveaway, of course!

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